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  • Increase engagement in China in whole value chain to be more competitive
  • Recognize China as source for innovation
  • Consider Chinese financial market as funding source and exit strategy for start-ups; valuation could be up to 8x higher

China now largest automotive market in the world (> 20 M)

  • 6 Chinese OEMs are valuated in the world top 20 OEMs
  • New electric era with intelligent software solutions
  • Chinese OEMs are selling and launching in Europe

  • AI Development Plan 2017 is the core of "Made in China 2025“  to digitalize the Chinese manufacturing eco-system
  • Huge investment into AI:
    - billion-dollar AI funds to develop entire AI value chain
    - tax breaks, government contracts and offices in AI clusters
    - digitalization of the country’s entire infrastructure
  • But China is missing industry integration know-how, domain knowledge and value chain partners

  • EU/China Invest Agreement (12/2020): most of the industries are open to European investment for a wholly owned company (no need for JV) + better IP protection and transparency
  • Major innovation source for internet, telecom, automotive, consumer electronics, on-line commerce
  • Increasing Chinese investment in Germany; focus on high-tech engineering companies